Here’s what made me smile this morning when reading an article about Meera Sodha in the New York Times:

You know when you realize what you’re eating is just so magnificent, and there’s a sort of rip in the atmosphere?” she said. ”My brain started racing and I thought, how do I make this?

Adding context to customer journey maps suggests looking closer and making customer journey maps more detailed by taking context into account:

A proper customer service journey map takes customer context into account. Was the customer a frequent flyer who just scored a rare upgrade? Did the customer just buy something from a retail location? Did the customer just bounce from a web FAQ to a chatbot to a chat agent?

I found this does get talked about a lot but hardly ever codified in a structured way. And, this really requires you to take a step back and look with fresh eyes for possible pitfalls.

From Hanoi to Saigon

Vietnam feels amazingly alive!
So many things take place out on the sidewalk, like haircuts or family dinners. Small motorbikes dominate traffic and they move not 1 but often 3 or more people. The really skillful ladies ride side-saddle, many girl’s helmets have cutouts for pony tails. Other bikers move voluminous loads instead. Seeing full-size fridges, huge stacks of flowers or building materials on a bike is pretty much the norm.

At the same time, traffic flows like water. Drivers may honk but they let other mopeds join traffic by just going around them. The honking feels not like “hey why are you cutting in front of me” but rather “hey come join the procession”.

As first time visitors we had to literally learn how to cross the street. Hint: it involves pretending to be confident and slowly wade through while motorcycles flow around you.

Similarly, we took a tour with Jack Tran in Hoi An and learned how the locals water the gardens, throw traditional fishing nets, and ride on a water buffalo.

Another highlight was joining the flood of 2-wheelers and seeing busy Saigon from the back of a motorcycle with XO tours. They took us from one sight to another, zipping through traffic like no tour bus ever could. We got to try delicious, iced sugar cane juice, local desserts, and fresh rambutans and mangosteens.

Such great memories!

Tadka Dhal is in the air

Nothing better than to prep some food for the week ahead on a Sunday. Tonight it’s been a Tadka Dhal recipe we found on epicurious.

Just checked and saw it only has a 2.5 / 4 forks rating on their site but we’ve now made it 3 times and loved it. The scent is a major tease in the whole house – can’t wait until tomorrow nite…

Why don’t you give it a try, too?